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I don't know all that staff at Redwood but Dr. Richard Hoskins is as good as it gets. He is qualified to do nearly any type of procedure and really is that been-there-done that type of vet that marries years of experience with good down-to-earth sensibility. He is the one my own vet goes to when she needs help. Over the years, he restored my border collie's hip when it was dislocated, saved my cat when she had a rare infection, and the latest of my disasters is an amputation for an injured kitten only 7 weeks old. I couldn't' have asked for better care at reasonable prices than here.

Kelly S.

Saved my Dog's life. My female dog, Nina recently whelped a litter of pups. This was an extremely planned breeding as Nina is a champion and my agility dog. I am an OCD dog owner and will go to the ends of the earth for my dogs.

Nina got mastitis. It was bad, she could barely walk, I took her to the vet immediately and Dr Lee looked her over and put her on very strong antibiotics immediately. I really LOVED the staff there. Everyone was so nice and helpful and generally cared about my baby girl.

Its also really convenient that they are open 24 hours. I work ODD hours, so it was nice to be able to pick her up from her procedure at 9pm at night and not have to miss work to go get her earlier.

The price is great too. Very affordable! Thank goodness! I read some of the previous reviews and can't believe what I'm reading. I was there on multiple occasions, day and night and all the vets and staff were awesome and knowledgeable. They were also very available over the phone when I had questions.
Alexia F.

This week my dog, Jewel was not looking well. She look like she had lost 6 pounds in this last week. My vet was closed for Christmas Eve., so I took her to RVC.

They were very nice and cared about our situation. Dr. Hoskin was so professional and upfront honest. Jewel had large tumors in her lungs and stomach. She was in pain, so we decided to put her to rest.

I will go back to see them.
Cheryl A.

I've been with Redwood Veterinary Clinic for around 15 years. Dr. Hoskins is one of the best diagnostitions that I've ever dealt with and the rest of the staff is fabulous as well, Dr Lee and Dr Llanes are wonderful and I always feel comfortable with them if I can't get Dr. Hoskins. Their work is very much appreciated by me.

Catherine C.

Our cat developed a high fever on New Year's Day so we brought her in to Dr. Hoskins and the staff at Emergency Hospital of Santa Rosa/Redwood Veterinary Clinic. Thanks to Dr. Hoskins the other Vets and the staff, our cat his home and doing very well. Their treatment was caring and cost effective and we can't thank them enough for their service. We highly recommend Emergency Hospital of Santa Rosa/Redwood Veterinary Clinic, they are our new Veterinary Clinic!

Dan N.

I can't speak to other reviews here, other than pet troubles are very personal and can be traumatic.

In my expereince this is a great vet. The only complaint I have ever had was that I felt the receptionists were a bit judgemental of my situation as I hadn't been there in years and I came in with a new puppy after I gave back my last dog (the dog bit my best friend after I had had him for a month, needless to say it was traumatic). I don't really see this as that big of a deal though, I'm a big boy, I can deal with some public shaming for things.

I've never been in for a really big issue, but I've gotten shots and gotten a pretty big problem diagnosed on the first visit. I don't know what else you can ask from a vet, they keep my puppy healthy and don't break the bank.

Mark N.

We were visiting from out of town and our pup got an intractable tick right above his eye. This emergency clinic took us right in, and Dr Ostapak was fabulous. So friendly and helpful, she gave me tons of tips about tick preventatives (which ones the dogs don't feel are poison) and the best tick remover tool. Plus they removed several ticks i hadn't seen on my poor doggie. They are short staffed but so what .... really a wonderful, friendly and helpful vet clinic.


I drive up from San Mateo to Dr. Hoskins for anything crucial for my 2 GSDs. The bulk of the vets I've seen pretty much follow a script and of course charge an arm and a leg for the simplest of services hint, hint Adobe. FYI the bulk of vets I've spoken to have very little knowledge of the German Shepherd Dog. It's comical you know, I work right next door to Veterinarian and after rudeness and a general bias towards purse dogs (and a $200 bill to clip a nail and add styptic powder) I've never been back. Though it's quite a drive, Dr. Hoskins is my dog's doctor. He always returns calls promptly, even on surgery days. Speaks to me honestly and professionally with the dog's best interest in mind. Prescriptions are never a problem. I've shopped around 50% less than peninsula area vets... well it's a no brainer

Sonny P.

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